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Some time ago, I injured my ankle training for a marathon race.  My doctor suggested I stop running and consider working out with an indoor spin bike.  I followed his advice, bought a $200 spin bike and began working out regularly.  I quickly learned that regardless of how hard I tried, I could not work out for more than ten minutes before I was bored out of my mind staring at the walls in my living room.  I searched the market for a solution but quickly realized that every fitness system and machine did not meet my needs.  It was at this time that the idea for FitRacers was born. 

I considered my background and experience as a developer when I decided to build an application that would entertain me while I exercised with my spin bike.  I used my specialized knowledge of field data acquisition of 360° spherical images to bring my vision to life.  After months of time and effort, what started as a hobby to simply overcome the boredom I felt flourished into something real. 

I showed the technology to key people in my inner circle and we ultimately began to share the same vision for a new product concept.  We began working together as a team in a very motivated fashion and years later, the result is the FitRacers Fitness & Entertainment App.  Our team grew, we now have many incredibly talented and very dedicated folks that share my vision.

We knew we had something very special when we first discovered our key product feature "Bee Vision Technology”. The Bee Vision Technology in 4K resolution immerses you with this life-like projection.  Viewing every perspective of our 360° video technology is the next best thing to being there.  It is also a better alternative to VR goggles, which make you dizzy when using them with a spin bike or other fitness equipment.  Working out from home has never been so refreshing!

FitRacers is a fantastic experience for anyone but it is especially great for people with limited access to the beautiful sites the world has to offer.  Service men and woman in the military in isolated locations will benefit from this video technology.  Firefighters confined for days in their fire station will benefit.  Senior citizens with limited mobility and an inability to travel will benefit from FitRacers.  

You can use FitRacers at home in a group setting.  Sharing a wall-size screen will encourage you, your friends and your family to work out together while enjoying beautiful scenery.  Working out together is always more fun and makes it more likely to maintain a fitness regimen.  FitRacers makes you look forward to working out!

Anyone can enjoy using FitRacers to explore the world.   The Bee Vision Technology projected onto your wall or smart TV will transport you anywhere in the world.  Our patent-pending 360° video technology will create a life-like experience that will making working out fun and exciting.  Finally, a full-feature, low cost, fitness app for everyone!

Herman Miranda, Founder
Largo Technology Group, Inc.


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